The warrior who goes off to combat is often not the same man who returns. For those who face overwhelming challenges when they return, Operation Restored Warrior is here to rescue, rebuild, and restore. And then, to send these same veteran warriors out to rescue other veterans.


If you are a veteran warrior facing these fierce challenges, Operation Restored Warrior stands with you as fellow veteran warriors, and walks the path with you to take on the enemies of anger, depression, cynicism, rage, addictions (in all its forms), high risk behaviors, lust, resignation and all the other means of numbing your wounded heart. Isn’t it time to rediscover the man you were always meant to be?


Our 5-Day and 2-Day intensive Drop Zones are designed by warriors for warriors (combat or not, as we are all warriors) to guide you on this new mission. The Goal? To help you find a life with great purpose, intense passion, lasting freedom, and uncompromising change.


ORW’s events are hosted in beautiful and engaging venues in Colorado and Lake Tahoe, California.

The event includes activities like fly fishing, trap shooting, hiking and other outdoor activities. An on-site, award-winning chef prepares first class meals. Veterans’ find inspiration and renewed vision, especially as they take on the challenges that have held them back.


While the men we work with come from all faiths and walks of life, each warrior experiences the Drop Zone alongside men who have walked the same or very similar paths as a veteran.

As a result, the ORW team and other men attending the Drop Zone share a deep bond and understanding the veteran’s unique challenges. Over the 5 days, and in the weeks and months that follow, veteran warriors experience friendships and connections in new ways.


At ORW, we believe that “psychology reveals, but Jesus heals.

This deep conviction and the experiences of seeing Jesus heal hundreds of men over the past 12 years makes the Drop Zone a singularly unique and life-changing experience with other men and Jesus. To date, 100% of the veteran warriors attending a Drop Zone testify to significant life change

Inspired Setting

Drop Zone is about placing a veteran warrior among other warriors who know and understand the path he has walked. It is also about encountering Jesus and one another in an inspiring setting, where veterans can experience the majesty of the Rocky Mountains or the beauty of Lake Tahoe (to describe just two of the locations).

Together As One

When we bring our authentic self to others who know and understand the destructive combat experiences we’ve had, there comes an opportunity to connect with others and Jesus in ways that bring healing and restoration to the soul.

NOTE: ORW is open to all faiths and brings together mission, healing and ministry to places and memories within the warrior’s heart that need the hope, the healing and the power of Jesus through our experiential, wilderness-set “counterattacks.”

Healed & Restored

Each Drop Zone uniquely and powerfully reaches the hearts and minds of our veteran warriors in life-changing ways. For 12 years, veterans have walked out of these encounters with a new freedom, and the resources to engage life, loved ones, and a new purpose in the world.


Here are interviews from men who have been healed and restored through ORW. This video includes the stories of the men featured on the home page, Alex, Charlie, Andy and Roy, as well as several more veteran warriors. The video runs 7:25.

Jordan and Sarah Fulton share their story of healing and restoration. Jordan serves as a facilitator on the Operation Restored Warriors team, working with veteran warriors at Drop Zones around the country.

In a very up-close and personal prayer time with a veteran warrior, the film crew of the acclaimed video Holy Ghost Reborn captures the healing process one warrior experiences at a Drop Zone.

The ORW Program Grows

Operation Restored Warrior’s approach to restoration has gained the attention of other professional organizations, including NFL players and coaches. In a recent 2-day Intensive Drop Zone, these former NFL players and coaches, with ORW leaders, experienced healing and restoration.